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  • I came across a mention of Microsoft Surface on Web AddICT(s). At first I thought it was a parody of something Microsoft has done or is trying to do until I saw the video. Take a look at this: It is being referred to as a surface computing platform. Basically it is a surface on […]

  • I have been lusting after the Nokia N95 for many months now and it was finally released here in South Africa about a month ago. I took a look at a working model a couple weeks ago and was suitably impressed. There were little things that niggled a bit but I was convinced that I […]

  • I noticed this layout for the Google Search results page last night. Notice the navigation links on the top of the page? It seems Google is trying out a couple options. The last layout I saw had some duplication in the navigation links (there were links on the left in a new sidebar and on […]

  • I am a little late with this but I received the following release from one of my colleagues: LEARN HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY To mark World Intellectual Property Day on 26 April 2007, specialist ICT / IP law firm, Nicci Ferguson Incorporated, are offering free 20 minute consultations and a free […]

  • I was chatting to Heather the other day about putting up the video from the recent visits by Larry Lessig and Jimmy Wales and she mentioned using Revver as a platform as an alternative to YouTube (due to duration issues) and Google Video (Zoopy also came up as an option!) so I decided to head […]

  • I was listening to net@nite yesterday and Amber commented that some of her Facebook friends have remarked how her friend additions are crowding out all the other items in their news feeds. Well, it turns out Facebook has a way to adjust how much of which items you receive from your friends in your news […]

  • Google is going to launch a presentation web app (which I believe is going to be called “Presently”) to complement its existing pseudo-Office offering in the form of Google Docs & Spreadsheets. It announced the new addition to its Web-based productivity apps on the Google blog yesterday in a post titled “We’re expecting” (love the […]

  • I’ve been meaning to publish this post for about a week now. There have been some pretty exciting developments on Amatomu in the last week or two. Vincent and Matthew have really added some visually appealing graphics to help users get a better idea of how their blog is doing and what is going on […]