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Feeds you won’t do without

I am editing my feeds and am adding feeds which are really solid feeds to have and without which my experience of the content available on the Live Web would be less than it could be.  Can you recommend feeds?  Which feeds would you absolutely not be without?

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Useful stuff Web/Tech

A cruise missile from space …

The Register has a pretty impressive photo taken from space of a cruise missile of some kind flying over Utah.  The image appears in Google Earth (placemark), Google‘s beloved satellite imaging software.  Someone must really have been scouring the skies for that one to have picked it up!  Here are the images:

And here is another one from a little further away …

There is a debate raging in the comments to The Register’s article about which cruise missile this is.  Doesn’t really matter.  It is very cool, whatever it is.

(Source: Greatest American Lawyer)

Update: Ok, it seems that if you look at the image carefully you do see dark wings that indicate it isn’t quite a cruise missile.  Thanks for the correction Michelle!

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