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  • This is a repost from Wired Gecko where this post first appeared. Leo Laporte, the podcaster of note over at the TWiT network, has announced that he is leaving Twitter for Jaiku after being responsible, to a large degree, for much of Twitter’s popularity after he discussed Twitter shortly before SXSW a little while ago […]

  • I see that Mozilla is testing a new social networking product called The Coop which will integrate more social networking into Firefox: Enter “The Coop”, a Mozilla Labs project to experiment with adding social tools to the web browser. We want to create a fun and easy way to share links with your friends, and […]

  • Amatomu has cool looking badges that you can stick on your blog so get them while they’re hot. There is a variety of colours available to match your blog’s theme. So head on over to the Amatomu badge page and pick your badge today … Technorati Tags:amatomu, badge, colours

  • BT has launched an Enterprise 2.0 service called BT Tradespace which is aimed at SMEs: BT Tradespace provides small businesses with simple online publishing tools that allow you to quickly and easily create and post content to the web. Each BT Tradespace member’s page includes blogs, photos, podcasts, contact information, maps, virtual business card, and […]

  • Mail & Guardian has just launched a new daily podcast called the Lunchtime News Wrap. So what is this podcast all about: The M&G Online provides a short midday podcast of the main news stories of the day, Monday to Friday, covering local, international, business, sport and Africa news. The episodes are pretty short (around […]

  • I am experimenting with OpenID on some of my blogs. Those of you who have OpenIDs can basically log in using your OpenIDs in the space provided. The interface isn’t looking too pretty at the moment but the functionality is there. I’d love to know whether this is the sort of thing you would like […]

  • I was skimming this article on Apple Insider about rumours of a "mega platform" based on Apple’s multi-touch interface that we saw on the upcoming iPhone.  It got me thinking about my ideal machine and when I think about the possible application of the multi-touch interface combined with substantial storage, both on the device and […]

  • I am editing my feeds and am adding feeds which are really solid feeds to have and without which my experience of the content available on the Live Web would be less than it could be.  Can you recommend feeds?  Which feeds would you absolutely not be without? Tags: indispensible feeds, feeds you would not […]