Author: Paul

  • Going dark on Twitter

    Although I have been on Mastodon since about 2016, I only started using it pretty actively in the last month or so. Since then I have grown to really enjoy using the service. There are increasing numbers of people joining various Mastodon instances and enriching the broader Mastodon network. I have almost stopped using Twitter […]

  • Setting up my own Mastodon instance

    I decided to set up my own Mastodon instance (❓what is Mastodon?). I was pretty happy being on the instance. It was my first instance that I joined back in 2016 and it was my first introduction to this terrific service. As the broader Mastodon network has grown, public instances have had to adapt […]

  • Sufganiot


    It’s almost that time of the year in Israel: Chanukah. Besides being my favourite festival on the Jewish calendar, it is also the festival of some pretty outrageous donut variants called sufganiot. This is kinda like the Israeli version of Christmas lights and songs materialising in the months before Christmas. Well, we have some of […]

  • The Sock Pocket Universe

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a Sock Pocket Universe that is generated by our aging tumble dryer. No matter whether paired socks enter the dryer, there is always a sock missing. The drum is sealed, so the only logical conclusion is that the motion of the dryer generates a rift in spacetime, […]

  • The people you really owe anything to

    I really like this tweet by Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll about who she (and we) really owe anything to: It’s a nice reminder of our higher priorities.

  • Learning vim

    Learning vim

    After procrastinating for a while (probably years at this point), I decided to explore this #vim thing that techie people rave about, last week.

  • Collections in any browser

    One of the features in Microsoft Edge that I’ve grown to really like is Collections. Granted there is some overlap with regular bookmarks. At the same time, Collections feel much more convenient, and immediate. Still, they are limited to Edge (in this form).

  • We had dinner with (vaccinated) friends recently. We moved on to the topic of #vaccination (as one does), and they commented that while the value of the #COVID19vaccines is pretty clear at this point, they can understand that many people are hesitant to be vaccinated because they are concerned about the long-term effects of the […]