Author: Paul

  • 17 years

    Today my wife and I celebrate 17 years of marriage. Our marriage is almost an adult! Is that when we should feel like adults? 🤔

  • Asking ChatGPT about tumble dryers and pocket dimension doorways

    Asking ChatGPT about tumble dryers and pocket dimension doorways

    I spent some time with ChatGPT trying variations of this prompt: “A 500 word explanation about how tumble dryers create interdimensional rifts that suck socks into a pocket dimension at arbitrary time intervals”. It’s responses were interesting, and encouraging.

  • Miniature forests

    Miniature forests

    These weeds are growing through the paving after the rains. I thought it would be fun to take a couple photos from their level.

  • Yariv Levin makes the case against Judicial Reform in Israel

    This headline in Times of Israel today basically reinforces those concerns, and makes a good case against this Judicial Reform legislation. If Justice Minister Yariv Levin’s attitude is anything to go by, concerns about Tyranny of the Majority will be well-founded.

  • How platforms die

    Cory Doctorow published a terrific, insightful essay about how platforms die. He calls the process “enshittification”.

  • Afternoon walk through the Ben Shemen Forest

    Afternoon walk through the Ben Shemen Forest

    My wife, daughter and I went for a very casual walk through the nearby Ben Shemen Forest. Our daughter has taken an interest in photography, so she took my Nikon D5100 DSLR with to start feeding her new passion. I captured a few moments of my own on my phone, as usual. It was a…

  • The Accuracy Challenge for ChatGPT

    The Accuracy Challenge for ChatGPT

    The challenge with ChatGPT is that it has a tendency to pretty confidently produce inaccurate responses. While ChatGPT shows us a potential future where our digital agents become so much smarter, we’re not quite there yet. I’ve read and listened to two really interesting discussions about this accuracy challenge. The first is an article by…

  • This blog turned 19 and I didn’t notice

    I was scrolling through notifications in the app this morning, and noticed that I had hit a milestone. I have been on for 17 years. To add to that, I have had this site in its various incarnations for just over 19 years. My first post on this site was published on 6…