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Flowers and Construction on a Sunny Spring Morning

I went for a walk this morning to drop off some (long) overdue library books. I took my camera along with me for a change.
Oh, I'm very familiar with this horror:
I love using Firefox as my primary browser. I prefer using it for a variety of reasons. Lately, though, I've noticed that it's become a bit of a resource hog, and I can't work out why?

All The Blogging At Automattic

When I see people dismissing blogs, I can't help but think that they're missing a huge opportunity by turning away from this incredible platform.

Getting Stuff Done with Interstitial Journaling

Rather than just working through a list of tasks in your task manager, the idea seems to be to maintain an ongoing narrative of your day. A benefit of this approach is a pretty high degree of mindfulness.
These flowers seem to all over Modiin. I have no idea what they're called but they're pretty.

I’m Joining Automattic – Excitement Factor Bazillion

When I turned 42, I had a feeling that this year would be different for me. Actually, it was more than just a feeling, I had already started a process that has come to fruition. I’ve had opportunities to interview at some of today’s most exciting companies Starting on Monday, 19 February, I am joining…

Our Anniversary Tiyul

My wife and I took the day off to celebrate our recent anniversary. We kicked off our day with a hike through hills on the outskirts of our city.
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