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So today was MacWorld and the time for all those cool Apple announcements. For the most part the event seemed to be about the iPhone and the iPod Touch. One of the very snazzy new products announced is the new MacBook Air which looks amazing.

MacBook Air.png

It is a stripped down MacBook and seems to be designed more as a sub-notebook even though the screen is 13.3 inches across. The MacBook Air does have some very cool new features including an LED display, an optional 64GB solid state drive, multi-touch functionality built into the trackpad and a custom built Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

What excites me more though is the Time Capsule. This device is the Apple way to make Time Machine feasible.

Time Capsule.png

It is a 500GB or 1TB storage device and Airport Extreme base station all at once. It also runs 802.11n to boot so you are looking at a really fast, wireless backup drive that was built to work with Time Machine. I am looking forward to this coming out. I have been thinking about buying a new external drive for more comprehensive backups through Time Machine (I love the concept and how I can go back to multiple versions of my drive) and this is a great solution. Buying one of these would also mean I can plug my Airport Express into my multimedia setup in my lounge and run my digital music through my MacBook.

All the wonderful Apple geekery …

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