The Social Web TV

I have discovered The Social Web TV. The episode I am watching features John McCrea and Joseph Smarr from Plaxo and David Recordon from Six Apart. Here is the basic intro to the new Web TV show:

Who owns your data and content?

Why don’t the social networks and communication tools you use work well together? Tune in each week to learn about the progress being made toward opening up the Social Web.

With a revolving cast of characters, we’ll have some of the key technologists working on building the Social Web to explain what is going on; but this isn’t a show about technology. It’s about explaining what’s going on in the fight to make sure you have control of your data, your content, and your privacy — and the freedom to access your stuff from all over the Web.

It is a pretty easy to watch show running on Viddler which I really like. It is also great to see John McCrea in person, so to speak, talking on a panel with Smarr. It is no secret that I am a Plaxo fan and the work they are doing to keep the Social Web open.

I am still trying to figure out if there is a feed off the site itself I can subscribe to in NetNewsWire though … Nevermind … found it. I clicked on the feed icon in Firefox’s location bar. 😛

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