Google Friend Connect and/or Facebook Connect?

I have Google’s Friend Connect integrated into this blog and you can sign in and comment using your Google account, OpenID, Twitter credentials and one other set of credentials. It works pretty well and when I comment here it integrates nicely with my blog credentials.

I’d like to add Facebook Connect integration to the blog too and I have the Sociable plugin loaded and just need to configure it. What I’m not sure about is whether the Facebook Connect plugin will co-exist with the Friend Connect plugin and give you the option of which service to use to sign in to comment.

I’m certainly seeing Facebook Connect being used far more widely as a sign-on service on blogs and other sites (I’m using Facebook Connect to authenticate on Digg rather than my original credentials) and I’ve read some positive posts about how Facebook Connect integration helps boost awareness of the blog (although there are also reported problems). At the same time Facebook Connect integration seems to be a little more difficult to implement than Friend Connect. Compare these two demos, for example. The first is Kevin Marks, formerly Google’s Developer Evangelist, demonstrating how to add Friend Connect to a static to Robert Scoble.

The second video is Facebook’s Luke Shephard demonstrating how to add Facebook Connect to a similarly static site on Building43.

I know that there are people who are somewhat skeptical about Facebook (I have certainly been skeptical in the past) but given Facebook’s moves towards a distributed model and what seems like pretty widespread adoption on the social Web, it looks like a really good way to go.

I’m going to get the Sociable plugin configured properly and see what happens. What I am already wondering about is what to do if it doesn’t co-exist peacefully with Friend Connect and give you a choice of which way to go? Which option do I go with?




What do you think?

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