Author: Paul

  • Telescopic vision

    Every once in a while I look out my office window and look across the road and wish for a telescope or a pair of binoculars so I can watch the people walking past as they go about their business … The voyeur in me peeks out.

  • Well, yet another article about Firefox has hit the papers. 10% market share in the next year? I hope so! Firefox gains hints browser wars may heat up Washington – The Internet browser wars, dormant for several years, shows signs of heating up again as a result of gains from a new program called Firefox, […]

  • Here is an interesting one I just came across on The title of this article is Are we puppets or free agents? and while the article itself is focussed on the question of whether so-called insane people have a choice when it comes to committing criminal acts, it does touch on a broader question […]

  • Couldn’t resist this one. Got this story titled Japanese men lap up woman of foam from IOL: Tokyo – Japanese men who want to rest their weary heads this Christmas season are finding comfort in the lap of a woman – made of foam. The torso-less “lap pillow” stands upright like a small cushion and […]

  • I love this town

    Picture it … Monday morning in Johannesburg. The sky is blue and the wispy clouds are scattered across the sky like dabs of white paint. It is now after 2pm and those clouds have come together and darkened and it looks like we are in for a classic Highveld storm. These storms are pretty spectacular […]

  • Click … blank

    I had a good start to my day. I got stuck into my work and built up enough time to be able to go out for breakfast. On my way out I discovered someone brought cake for a birthday so I had cake instead of breakfast and it was all good. But then I started […]

  • I was going to post something about this article I read on the Wired site. It was written by Regina Lynn who has a regular column for Wired every Friday titled “Sex Drive”. Anyway, her most recent post is about the importance of being connected when it comes to meeting people and developing relationships. Seems […]

  • Agile Messenger

    Well, I am really impressed! I was reading an article by one of my new favs and I was going to post something about her new article when I noticed a mention of an IM client for mobile devices called Agile Messenger. I duly loaded the page and downloaded the version for my Nokia 6600 […]