Firefox downloads exceed 20 000 000!

Wow!  There have been over 20 000 000 (yes, 20 million) downloads of Mozilla’s Firefox browser since version 1.0 was released on 9 November 2004.  That works out to roughly 187 000 downloads a day!  Very impressive stuff.  Here is the post from the sfx site (cross posted from Asa’s primary blog):

In seventy six days, more than sixty three thousand of you have joined the effort to deliver Firefox 1.0 to more than twenty million thankful users!

You all are simply amazing!!

You’ve engaged your friends and family, your co-workers,

colleagues, and fellow students in a novel and exciting effort to take

back the Web. You’ve helped twenty million people to get beyond the

daily chaos of adware, spyware, and constant virus infections. You’ve

created the first and the largest open source marketing effort in

history. And you all are educating the world that they do have a choice

and that they can take control of their Internet experience.

You all have demonstrated that open source community can be

powerful, committed, and capable of accomplishing once-unimaginable


Today, we celebrate twenty million Firefox 1.0 downloads. But

more than that, we celebrate the community that you all have built and

we celebrate each and every one you!

–Asa, on behalf of the sfx team

Get Firefox!
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