Fighting package thieves with glitter and fart spray

Mark Rober’s approach to tackling doorstep package thieves is ingenious, and hilarious to watch in action:

I watched this with our kids over lunch today, and we were in stitches! Brilliant!

Via and my wife.

The key to a super week

My wife gave me this little guy over the weekend for my birthday:

Superman figurine
Super guy

I’d like to get a Green Lantern one next, possibly Flash too … I think my wife has started something here …

Birthday balloons on Twitter 🎈

Some platforms present a little something special on your birthday. Twitter has balloons that float up over your screen when you visit your profile page on your birthday. I get a kick out of seeing this every year! 😁

The tragedy of women’s pockets (or the lack thereof)


My wife has frequently explained just how little modern women’s fashion caters for a basic need: decent pockets! It made no sense to me (or women everywhere), at least not until I watched this video:

unsplash-logoFeatured image by Mikaela Shannon

This won’t be fun

I’m working through a popular Python course at the moment, and I came across this caution in my next lesson:

I’m warning you this won’t be fun at first. It will be downright boring and tedious, but this teaches you a very important skill you will need as a programmer. You will need to be able to memorize important concepts in your life. Most of these concepts will be exciting once you get them. You will struggle with them, like wrestling a squid, then one day you will understand it. All that work memorizing the basics pays off big later.

 Learn Python the Hard Way

Successfully learning to code certainly seems to involve a fair amount of repetition, persistence, and quite a bit of frustration. At the same time, specifically highlighting the hardships, almost relishing in them, doesn’t exactly inspire me to keep toiling away at it.

I guess this is where the persistence part comes in.*

*I should point out that this particular course is pretty comprehensive, and the methodology is pretty helpful. The emphasis on typing everything out, finding answers to tough challenges, and being methodical certainly seem to be the way to go.

The humble hyperlink that changed the world

This is a great video that highlights how the simple hyperlink has revolutionised how we work with information. It made the Web possible!

Love these Boomer bamboo bikes

I love this idea of using bamboo to build bicycles. These bikes produced by this company is Ghana, Boomers, are beautiful.

This reminds me of the Bamboo Bike Studio that publishes tutorials for making your own bamboo bike:

Autumn light on the stairs

I like how the Autumn sunlight streams in the window in this staircase. I thought I’d try capture it in between work shifts.