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Kicking off my Summer vacation

Today is the first day of my Summer vacation, and I’ve started it with an unexpectedly appealing drink in a park with our daughter while we wait for our son to finish a lesson nearby.


Powerful Deer – The Best GIF I’ve Seen This Week

We share a lot of GIFs in Slack at work, and one of my colleagues shared “Powerful Deer”. It’s probably the best GIF I’ve seen this week, heck all month!

Back to work …


Remarkable Formula 1 Photographers

I just watched a YouTube video featuring three photographers who capture Formula 1 races: Vladimir Rys, Qian Jun, and Mark Thompson.

Of the three, I really like Vladimir Rys’ style, with his emphasis on the shadows, and underexposing the images in varying degrees. Here’s an example:

unsplash-logoFeatured image by Chantel Lucas

Shoe polish and noodles – retail merchandising decisions

One of our local supermarkets is reorganising their shelf space. Placing shoe polish under Chinese noodles is a curious merchandising decision.

I’d love to know the thinking behind that one.


Ambling around Lisbon

We had a free day today, as our team meetup winds down. I went for a casual walk around part of Lisbon that we hadn’t seen yet with two colleagues today.

Usually, when I walk, I walk. This time, we literally ambled along in the general direction of the coast. We didn’t actually reach the coast, but we did see more of this really pretty city.

We found ourselves outside the Jardim da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (map) just after passing the Spanish Embassy, so we went in. The gardens are more like a jungle, with paths leading through the trees and bushes.

The garden seems to be designed in such a way that you suddenly emerge into an open space containing a sort of public performance area, or the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian art museum.

I enjoyed the diversion through the park. When you’re walking through it, you’re shielded from road noise, so you mostly hear trees, water in the streams and fountains, and other visitors.

It was a really nice day to be outdoors today, and we enjoyed a stroll back to our hotel before lunch.

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Opportunistic diversions for 2019-04-17

I watched a couple interesting videos that I enjoyed, and thought I’d share:

This Engadget video about the differences between DSLR and mirrorless cameras is terrific. Chris Schodt did a great job explaining both camera categories, and the advantages each type has. Well worth watching.

Leonardo Da Vinci was clearly a remarkable person, and this Vox Almanac video by Phil Edwards highlights just how perceptive Da Vinci was.

You can find a few more related links in Edwards’ post “How Leonardo da Vinci made a “satellite” map in 1502 – Vox“.

I work with CSS every day as part of my work at Automattic, and while I’ve encountered pseudo elements, I haven’t really understood them until I watched Kevin Powell‘s video.

This video is the first of a three part series, and just having watched this first episode, I feel like I already have a better understanding.

unsplash-logoFeatured image by Victoriano Izquierdo

I’m trying out a post format for sharing a few quick things that probably wouldn’t make for a decent length post. I like the idea of this sort of collection of interesting things, but it feels a little disjointed. Perhaps three short posts would work better. What do you think?


First-hand accounts of how the President’s team responded to 9/11

I read a remarkable article comprising first-hand accounts by a number of people who surrounded President George W Bush on the morning of 9/11. I remember when the tragedy struck, and read reports about how the President’s team responded to the emerging crisis in the hours that followed.

The story of those remarkable hours—and the thoughts and emotions of those aboard—isolated eight miles above America, escorted by three F-16 fighters, flying just below the speed of sound, has never been comprehensively told.

This oral history, based on more than 40 hours of original interviews with more than two dozen of the passengers, crew and press aboard—including many who have never spoken publicly about what they witnessed that day—traces the story of how an untested president, a sidearm-carrying general, top aides, the Secret Service and the Cipro-wielding White House physician, as well as five reporters, four radio operators, three pilots, two congressmen and a stenographer responded to 9/11.

Garrett M. Graff

One thing this article made clear is how inaccurate some of that initial reporting was. If anything, I have a new-found respect for the former President, and the people who protected, and assisted him on that day. It’s well worth reading this article: ‘We’re the Only Plane in the Sky’ – POLITICO Magazine

Featured image credit: Courtesy George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. (P7070-13)

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Fighting package thieves with glitter and fart spray

Mark Rober’s approach to tackling doorstep package thieves is ingenious, and hilarious to watch in action:

I watched this with our kids over lunch today, and we were in stitches! Brilliant!

Via and my wife.