Call home … on what?

I have a Nokia 6600 which I use quite a lot.  It is normally the first thing I pick up in the morning and last thing that I put down at night.  My phone is my communication hub so it is always with me.  I think I have left it at home half a dozen times in the many years I have had a mobile phone.  I have also always had a Nokia phone.  My first one was a Nokia 2110i.  Then I got myself a Nokia 5110, followed by a Nokia 6110.  From there I graduated to a Nokia 6210 and, most recently, the most excellent Nokia 6310i.  Of the bunch, the 6310i is probably the best and most stable.  Sure it lacks a colour screen, a camera, mobile web browser (which I really don’t use all that often anyway) and MMS capability (not to mention a host of software apps found on my 6600) but that phone was reliable, had a great battery life and did what it was supposed to do.

While my 6600 has been closer to what I have been looking for, it is very slow and has a tendency to drop calls and crash.  Given that I am due for a phone upgrade (in return for a two year renewal of my contract), I have been looking around for a replacement smartphone (specifically a smartphone because I want to be able to run the combination of a PDA and a phone).  The only problem is that there really isn’t anything worthwhile out there!  I took a fancy to the Sony Ericsson phones and the recent P910i in particular.  I saw a guy with a P900 on a flight home once and I was really impressed.  Infosync World is one of the sites I consult for reviews on any new mobile gadget and their review of the P910i was less than amazing.  I thought I’d also take a look at Engadget’s review and they weren’t too impressed either.  They did basically refer to the Infosync World review though.

Our networks are going 3G soon (well, Vodacom already has) so I am only going to go for a 3G phone.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  One contender is the Nokia 6630 which reaches our stores in the next month or so.  I hope Nokia will have sorted out the lag on the phone and the really crappy desktop software with this release though.






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