Author: Paul

  • Holocaust Revisionism?

    I came across a post on The Wandering Jew regarding an apparent revisionist effort on the part of the BBC.  It seems this recent story about Prince Harry and his poor choice in costume at a party has stirred things up a bit about the Holocaust and how it is recorded.  I haven’t read much […]

  • Taking the leap

    I am at an interesting time in my life at the moment (interesting more in the sense of the cliched Chinese curse) where I am stepping out of one world and into another.  I have have had two feet in different places for a little while now; one in my current job as an attorney […]

  • Tara Reid’s, um, slip …

    I came across this mini-story yesterday when I ran a search for Tara Reid on Google.  I was a bit bored and was after some pictures of this gorgeous actress to ogle at until my interest in my work returned.  What I found was way more than I bargained on finding.  I expected to find […]

  • Things Japanese

    I have had a fascination for Japan for quite some time now.  Most of that adoration is based on popular culture and my (very likely) limited perceptions of Japan.  I love Taiko drumming, for one thing, and pictures I have seen from much of the landscape are absolutely inspiring.  I keep telling G than one […]

  • “Mozilla Is Gaining On Godzilla”

    BusinessWeek Online posted an article on 12 January 2005 titled "Mozilla Is Gaining On Godzilla".  This is yet another article charting the amazing growth of Mozilla Firefox.  To quote Steve Hamm, the journalist – How’s this for a mismatch? On one side, you have Microsoft (MSFT ), the world’s largest software company, with $37 billion […]

  • Google South Africa!

    I was very surprised and excited when I loaded Firefox and discovered that there is now a local Google search page that searches South African sites!!  This kind of thing really excites me.  Despite my recent disappointment with Blogger (owned by Google) I am still a HUGE fan of Google and model my own business […]

  • New is not always better

    I have had a couple experiences lately where new versions of software I have been using simply didn’t cut it.  The older versions did a better job of it and I wound up removing the new versions and restoring the older ones. One example is Adobe Reader 7.0 (formerly Adobe’s Acrobat Reader).  I am curious […]

  • Dial 0800-too-much-caffeine …

    I had a good laugh earlier.  I was walking back from my preferred lunchtime hangout, a Seattle Coffee Company shop in an Exclusive Books store nearby, when I noticed one of their vans in the parking lot of the parking garage.  I snapped some photos of the back of the van.  Take a look, you’ll […]