Author: Paul

  • Quiet streets

    Well, it is now past that magical date of 16 December and it seems like most of Joburg is on holiday and off the roads. It took me half my usual time to get to work today, which was a pleasure. I realised that I don’t have that much of an issue not going away […]

  • Google Print

    Google Print is a Beta offering from Google which looks like it is going to be both very ambitious and an amazing service when it really gains momentum! Take a look at what they have to say about this project: Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. […]

  • Suffering

    In addition to my many activities I am beginning to share many of the ideas I have picked up on and lessons I have learned. This article was posted on Healing Hearts @ Work, a group I established with my friend and fellow Reiki Master, Michelle – There is suffering in this world. I don’t […]

  • Google Adsense

    Well, I am pretty excited today. My request to participate in the Google Adsense program was approved and there is now a bar on the left (down a bit) with a series of ads for related services and sites. One of the main reasons I am so excited is just because I get to participate […]

  • IOL: A Step Beyond reported on a story about a bra called the Deep Plunge Clearly Daring and made for diving necklines and which seems to have a bit of a flaw in that these bras have been snapping under the strain. This appears to be a defect in a small number of bras and […]

  • Telescopic vision

    Every once in a while I look out my office window and look across the road and wish for a telescope or a pair of binoculars so I can watch the people walking past as they go about their business … The voyeur in me peeks out.

  • Well, yet another article about Firefox has hit the papers. 10% market share in the next year? I hope so! Firefox gains hints browser wars may heat up Washington – The Internet browser wars, dormant for several years, shows signs of heating up again as a result of gains from a new program called Firefox, […]

  • Here is an interesting one I just came across on The title of this article is Are we puppets or free agents? and while the article itself is focussed on the question of whether so-called insane people have a choice when it comes to committing criminal acts, it does touch on a broader question […]