Tired Wednesday Night

I feel like I have been working almost flat out for the last month or so.  I have worked just about every day and night to get things going that I feel like I am forgetting what it feels like not to work at night.  It is late, again, and I am exhausted.  There is a baby in the building screaming its head off – it sounds like cats fighting and that is a disturbing sound.  Poor baby is probably teething.

G and I had a fight tonight over some stupid shit because I was irritated because she expected me to varnish a set of bookshelves even though G stained two sets of bookshelves and gave the one a coat of varnish.  Silly me!  So she has gone to bed, upset with me and probably thinking she did something wrong.  Instead it was just her silly boyfriend getting uptight about having to do his fair share.  I so rarely get annoyed about things and when I do it is often about something silly.

Did I mention there is varnish all over the place and there is this annoying mosquito still flying around evading my half-hearted swats?

Ugh!  Bed time.






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