Walking to the library the long way

I wanted to go for a walk this morning. We have some overdue library books so I decided to walk to the library. I managed to drop off one of the books, and got some exercise in the process.

I made a point of doing more walking before I bought my Fitbit, but having the Fitbit is a great incentive to do even more. I enjoy tracking more of my metrics when I’m out, and about.





3 responses to “Walking to the library the long way

  1. catcandothat avatar

    Do you find you obsesses about your walking more with it?

    1. Paul avatar

      Not really. I was tracking my steps with my phone before I received the Fitbit. I definitely pay attention to my steps, but I don’t think I check more frequently than before.

      1. catcandothat avatar

        That is good. I think some people become rather obsessed!

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