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  • COVID-19 Lockdowns and Exercise

    COVID-19 Lockdowns and Exercise

    Update (2020-03-19): It seems that I read our Health Ministry’s restrictions a little too restrictively. For the time being, it seems to be possible to get out for a run, even if it should probably be closer to home to limit the risk of exposure to other people. As with many other countries, Israel is…

  • Today’s alternative to my usual run

    Today’s alternative to my usual run

    I finally took some time to get outside, and exercise for the first time in about a week. I was going to do my usual run (it’s effective but I don’t particularly like it) when my daughter asked me to take her to the park. I was about to say “No”, and that I wouldn’t…

  • Diabetic for 6 years

    Diabetic for 6 years

    Today is the sixth anniversary of my Diabetes diagnosis. I remember the morning I received the news from my doctor. I had gone for blood tests because I was feeling thirsty almost constantly, and I noticed that my vision was a little fuzzy. I discovered that these are two typical symptoms of Diabetes later. At…

  • Not sure who took who for a walk this morning

    Not sure who took who for a walk this morning

    I need to be more active. My Diabetes control has been pretty non-existent this year. Thankfully, my new Fitbit gives me an easy way to measure my (lack of) progress, and I’ve started making better use of short gaps in my daily schedule to get outside more often. I had an hour gap between shifts…

  • Walking to the library the long way

    Walking to the library the long way

    I wanted to go for a walk this morning. We have some overdue library books so I decided to walk to the library. I managed to drop off one of the books, and got some exercise in the process. I made a point of doing more walking before I bought my Fitbit, but having the…

  • Mental workouts to for a productivity boost

    HubSpot has a great post with a couple mental workouts which could help you give your productivity a boost.

  • For when you feel bad about a little extra padding

    I saw this awesome line on a roadside ad (probably for a gym): Sweat is your fat crying