My Fitbit Charge 3 arrived!

My Fitbit Charge 3 arrived a little sooner than I expected. 😁

Setup was pretty quick. I first had to install an update through the app on my phone, charged it for a bit, and then put it on.

I’ve been wearing it almost constantly since I received it (I take it off when I shower, even though it’s waterproof), and I really like all the data it gives me about my daily activity, sleep patterns, and even reminders to get up and move around more during my day.

I really love how I haven’t needed to charge it every day. I’ve been wearing it for about six days, and I’m on 41%.






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  1. Fitbit Support avatar

    Hi Paul! Woohoo! We’re excited for you to get started with your new Charge 3!

  2. aharonrose avatar

    Jealous – they are over R3,000+ here.

    1. Paul avatar

      I’m very fortunate, my company gifts us a Fitbit as a one time thing. They’re not cheap in Israel either.

  3. Fitbit Support avatar

    Thanks for getting back. To keep your skin happy and healthy, view our wear & care tips: Should you have any other questions in the future, we’re here to help.

  4. Fitbit Support avatar

    You are welcome. Welcome also to the Fitbit family! #happystepping 🙂

  5. Paul Jacobson avatar

    Thank you.

  6. Paul Jacobson avatar

    Thank you. I’m looking forward to receiving the sports band in a couple weeks, too. Any tips for me as a new user?

  7. Fitbit Support avatar

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  8. Paul Jacobson avatar

    Good suggestion actually. I was wondering about that. Thanks

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  12. Paul avatar

    Change happens As you may remember, I bought a Fitbit Charge 3 in October 2018. I hadn’t worn a watch, let alone a fitness tracker like this, before that. I soon came to enjoy having it, and the data it gave me. Unfortunately, the screen stopped working soon after the warranty expired on the device, […]

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