Pretty Purple

I often walk to the supermarket for our weekly shop. This morning I noticed these pretty purple flowers (roses?) on a street corner.

Google Photos tries hard to come up with creative variations. Its attempt for this one didn’t quite work out, though:

Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, Center District, Israel

Fireworks for Israel70

My son and I made our annual pilgrimage to Modiin’s Independence Day celebrations to watch the fireworks. As usual, it was a spectacular display, and we stuck around for all three parts of the show.

I took my Nikon camera with me to see if I could capture some decent photos with it too. I intended to take my tripod with me, but didn’t in the end. Instead, I propped my camera up on a bag and left it to capture two 10 second exposure shots of the second round of fireworks.

Even though the images are blurred, I like the outcome for the most part. I also shot some video of the second show with my Nikon:

We almost missed the third part of the show. They started about 15 minutes late and we were on our way out of the park when the fireworks started. It was a spectacular conclusion to the evening for us.

Flowers and Construction on a Sunny Spring Morning

I went for a walk this morning to drop off some (long) overdue library books. I took my camera along with me and captured some of the construction in the city.

One of the aspects I like about Spring in our city are these flowers. They only flower for a short time, and I tend to photograph them every year (except, perhaps, last year).

Little Red Flowers

These flowers seem to all over Modiin. I have no idea what they’re called but they’re pretty.

Modiin-Maccabim-Reut, Center District, Israel

A passing view of Park Annabe

Park Annabe panorama

I had a couple things to do in the city this morning and my route took me past Park Annabe, one of Modi’in’s central features. The buildings along the horizon to the right are part of a new neighbourhood that is nearing completion.

A view of Park Annabe in Modi'in Maccabim Reut
Park Annabe, Modi’in Maccabim Reut, Israel

I’ve been meaning to come past this way for a couple weeks to update my photos of the new neighbourhood so I’m glad I had that chance this morning. I have a couple more photos on my DSLR that I’ll edit in the coming days.

Here are a couple photos I took with my DSLR:

26 June to 7 July walkabouts

26 June to 7 July walkabouts

I especially like this panorama that Lightroom stitched together for me:

26 June to 7 July walkabouts


City benches

city benches

I discovered an eclectic collection of city benches this last weekend.

It happened when I went for a walk over the weekend to a local library to drop off some overdue books. I took my camera with me and returned with both the library books (there was a problem with the drop-off option) and an album of photographs from the walk.

The benches are mostly in a park along a busy road although the most interesting one was outside the library building itself.

Metallic city benches
I love this bench. It seems to have been designed to allow two people to sit facing each other while reclining. Great for some conversation or keeping to yourself while sharing a space.

The paint on some of the wooden benches looked somewhat faded and weathered. The resulting look appeals to me.

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This next one is particularly striking, for some reason.

Faded city benches
Weathered flowers

Some benches seem to have a voice that hints at an unspoken story, like this one:

City benches speaking to each other
There is a story here …

I enjoy walking around my city with my camera. It’s proving to be a great way to explore the city and its nuances. You can view my complete album from that solo photowalk on Flickr.

No Flickr, I didn’t take my photos in Ramallah

I went for a walk through part of Modi’in yesterday and shared photos from the walk on Flickr. I noticed that the photos I took with my phone were geolocated at the correct location but, for some reason, Flickr tagged the locations as “Ram Allah, West Bank, Palestine”.

Here is an example (I geolocated my Nikon photos at the same location as my phone photos):

The photo is geolocated in Israel but tagged “Ram Allah, West Bank, Palestine”.

Flickr uses OpenStreetMap for its maps. When I clicked on the map preview in the image, it took me to Modi’in (which is correct) and yet the caption on the photos is a totally different city.

On OpenStreetMap
The photos’ locations are correct on the map but the caption is totally wrong.

I don’t read Arabic so I couldn’t tell you exactly where Ramallah is on OpenStreetMap through Flickr’s map interface but here are Modi’in and Ramallah in Google Maps:

Ramallah and Modi'in on Google Maps
Modi’in and Ramallah in Google Maps. Totally different cities.

Leaving aside whether the caption in Flickr, “Ram Allah, West Bank, Palestine”, is a correct designation in itself, why are my photos tagged with that location when their actual locations are very much in Modi’in in Central Israel?

I’m sure the explanation for this is an interesting one.

Image creditDariusz Sankowski

Modi’in looks pretty, don’t you think?

Our city, Modi'in

My wife and I were walking back from the mall yesterday and the clouds started to clear. The light that struck parts of the city was, well, striking.