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  • Om Malik made a good point in his post “To live and die in public: That’s Twitter” which suggests to me that Google’s emphasis on photography and big, beautiful images in Google+ points to their awareness of how important a strong visual appeal is: Snapchat and Instagram have shown that visual is the medium of […]

  • Om Malik writing in To live and die in public: That’s Twitter That is Twitter’s fork in the road. Does is want to be like Google, a company with faint regard for Wall Street’s expectations, delivering growth and sticking to its original (if somewhat more evil) game plan? Or does Twitter want to follow the […]

  • Ok, this is really cool. It is probably worth selling part of my digital soul for this sort of awesomeness. Already the auto-awesome photo effects are really enriching my experience. Can’t wait to see the video equivalents.

  • I just watched a video of Amit Singh’s presentation at Atmosphere London 2013 and this slide was pretty interesting. It has some user stats for Google+ which are helpful in clarifying active “stream” users (presumably plus.google.com) and users considered to be Google+ users because Google+ is enabled in their Google accounts. User the larger figure […]

  • Forbes has an interesting article in which is raises the seemingly perennial question about Google+: why should “ordinary” users care about Google+? The point that no-one is using Google+ isn’t really a good one, however you measure Google+ users, there are a substantial number of people using the service. The challenge is more the composition […]

  • You may have heard that Google launched a unified messaging app/service called Hangouts yesterday at Google I/O 2013. Hangouts works in Chrome as an extension as well as within Google+ (which also received a revamp). Interestingly, you can also download the Hangouts app on to your Android and iOS device too (iPhone and iPad). The […]

  • Rian van der Merwe published a post which touches on a recurring theme which I have been thinking about for a while: we should fear Facebook/Google/Twitter because of all the data they hold about us. I keep wondering why? There are good reasons to be afraid of what these services may know about us in […]