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  • Are blogs still relevant as personal sharing platforms?

    This is a repost from my Tumblr blog and was originally published on 11 February 2013 I’ve been thinking about blogs’ relevance again. My Squarespace subscription for my main blog is about to come to an end and as awesome as Squarespace is as a platform, I don’t use that site nearly often enough to […]

  • Twitterbook Plus

    Twitter updated its iOS apps and published a post about the new iPad app yesterday. One of the updates is your ability to add a banner image. Wow. So Twitter is becoming even more like Facebook now. In fact, its also a little like Google+ … I think it would just be easier to merge […]

  • FaceTime or Hangout?

    Mike Elgan wrote a post a little while ago on Google+ about FaceTime’s imminent 3G capability through iOS6 which is expected to arrive next month. The thrust of his post is that FaceTime’s new 3G capability is too little too late: Google+’s Hangouts already offer multi-party video chat over WiFi and 3G. His post inspired […]

  • Inspiring photo walks as Google+ Hangouts

    I realise this is a promotional video for Google+ Hangouts but what an inspiring story! It is warm fuzziness and mobile geekery all rolled up. Love it!

  • More about that Google Plus thing

    More about that Google thing from Paul Jacobson on Vimeo. This is a follow up to my last Google+ post, in a way. I had some time and was already experimenting with a microphone attached to my camera this morning so I recorded a couple thoughts about Google+. If you are not interested in Google+, […]

  • Unit conversions in Google Search are even better

    If you search for unit conversions in Google Search you’ll find that Google now gives you a conversion interface that doesn’t require refreshes for additional conversions. Very handy feature. For more, take a look at the Google Operating System post.

  • Google+ for the iPad has arrived! Rejoice!

    I feel like a teenage girl seeing Justin Bieber up close.

  • What if Google becomes evil?

    With all the concern about how much info Google has about us, what is the worst case scenario if Google goes rogue?