1. Yeah, I completely agree, it`s up to everybody to decide what he would prefer. I like the devices with narrow specialization, though sometimes it`s far more advantageous to have a device that can perform many functions, especially while travelling or during the day, just not to carry too much devices with you.
    Laureen, from ipad application development

  2. Just a comment on web-browsing / Kindle vs iPad.

    I'm not sure if you are aware that the Kindle ships with free internet connectivity, pretty much worldwide. It's on 3g (or edge) so it's not lightning fast, but it's good enough to get around – and it's free.

    I would cut my hands off before leaving my iPod classic at home, and my Kindle comes a close second… Best two gadgets ever!!

  3. Thanks Jack, the connectivity is a big bonus and just makes it that much easier to get new stuff to read. I am pretty attached to my iPod too and just updated to an iPod classic which I love.

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