Some experiences are so fundamental to the human condition #running

I watched this terrific video, "Focus: Portrait of a Runner", and I begin to understand why people run and think that I may also embrace running one day. [vimeo 86164897 w=640 h=337] Focus: Portrait of a Runner - Sony F55 from Sean Michael on Vimeo.

Getting screwed by over the counter medication

We realised that we have just hit our medical aid self-payment gap all of 2 and a half months into the year. It sounded completely wrong so we checked our records and it turns out a substantial portion of the amounts pharmacists submitted to Discovery was for over the counter medication which included our baby's…

International Internet access still on the fritz due to Seacom maintenance

Our Internet connection has been terrible all weekend and this morning our international link seemed to fall away leaving us with local sites and the big nothing beyond them. I contacted Afrihost and asked what is going on and they came back with the following:SEACOM Maintenance STILL IN PROGRESSPlease be advised that the SEACOM cable…
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