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Why people with ADHD take medication – it often helps us function

I’ve started watching Jessica’s channel, How to ADHD. Actually, I’ve been binging a little this morning. I’m watching one video at the moment in which she explains what happened when she ran out of her medication, and just couldn’t focus:

Many people with ADHD are embarrassed that they need to take medication to function. I don’t feel that way at all because I remember far too many days when I sat staring out a window, or doing everything other than the work I needed to do to earn a living.

Heck, I think back to my early career, and even my school years, when I probably spent more time looking out a window, and unable to focus on my office/school work, than actually getting my work done.

This is why I take my pill every morning. It helps me participate in my day to day life, and function more effectively.

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    Why people with ADHD take medication (inspired by @HowToADHD)

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