Category: Wellbeing

  • Counting the steps till my Fitbit Charge 3

    I’m looking forward to receiving my Fitbit Charge 3 in a week or two. I don’t do any intensive activities but I like tracking things like steps. Having an activity tracker that will help me track other metrics will give me a great view of my general health.

  • The lonely side of remote work

    Rian linked to an interesting article about the challenges of working remotely titled “What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work“. I started reading it to get a sense of it, then sent it to my Pocket queue to read later. This is how the article begins, it will give you an idea […]

  • Swimming and anxiety

    I just watched a documentary, titled “Waterlog”, about writer Joe Minihane’s journey towards a better understanding of his anxiety through “wild swimming”.

  • Steve Cutts’ video titled “Happiness” is disturbingly accurate portrayal of so many aspects of our daily lives. When I watch this video, I can’t help but wonder why we buy into all these promises of happiness, and chase them so relentlessly?

  • Why you’re not a morning person (unless you are)

    If you’re ever accused of being lazy or slacking off because you’re not a morning person or because you just want to have a quick nap and recharge, there is a body of science backing you up!

  • I am now an insulin-dependent Diabetic and that’s ok

    My Diabetes changed in the last six months. I am now an insulin-dependent Diabetic. I wanted to share my experiences in case there are others like me who feel like they are adrift and don’t know what to do.

  • Being angry makes you look older

    Does being angry make you look older? My totally uncontrolled, unscientific experiment certainly seems to indicate that being angry makes me look older. It turns out there just may be actual scientific evidence to support this too.

  • For a little girl who is afraid of storms

    Something for my little girl who is afraid of storms