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  • 3 of my favourite blog posts about adult ADD

    Adult ADD can be a tricky condition to have and talk about. I think the biggest challenge is the stigma of being ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder – often lumped in with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), followed by a personal acceptance that you have it and the willingness to do something about it. I was diagnosed […]

  • I just watched this trailer for the documentary “Alive Inside” and it looks like a wonderful movie to watch. Music plays a huge role in my life.

  • I watched this terrific video, “Focus: Portrait of a Runner“, and I begin to understand why people run and think that I may also embrace running one day. Focus: Portrait of a Runner – Sony F55 from Sean Michael on Vimeo.

  • A few thoughts about my experiences with Diabetes on World Diabetes Day in 2013. Less than a year after my diagnosis and I could see the positive effects of it on my lifestyle.

  • Portable and soon wearable computers. Wanna unplug? It’s going to get harder to do so Photo titled “Plugged In” and quote by Matt Champlin.

  • This is my bandwidth for the day.

  • I just had a moment of profound iPhone love although it could be due to a little dehydration from my hike up and down parts of Highlands North. I do have a latte which will hopefully keep me going on my walk back to my office.

  • We realised that we have just hit our medical aid self-payment gap all of 2 and a half months into the year. It sounded completely wrong so we checked our records and it turns out a substantial portion of the amounts pharmacists submitted to Discovery was for over the counter medication which included our baby’s […]