Being angry makes you look older

Does being angry make you look older? My totally uncontrolled, unscientific experiment certainly seems to indicate that being angry makes me look older. It turns out there just may be actual scientific evidence to support this too.

3 of my favourite blog posts about adult ADD

Adult ADD can be a tricky condition to have and talk about. I think the biggest challenge is the stigma of being ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder - often lumped in with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), followed by a personal acceptance that you have it and the willingness to do something about it. I was diagnosed…

Some experiences are so fundamental to the human condition #running

I watched this terrific video, "Focus: Portrait of a Runner", and I begin to understand why people run and think that I may also embrace running one day. [vimeo 86164897 w=640 h=337] Focus: Portrait of a Runner - Sony F55 from Sean Michael on Vimeo.
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