Just when you think you are the only parent who has to deal with ridiculous parenthood moments, you find posts like this that reassure you that you are not alone …

I had this conversation with our kids about two weeks ago:

This, of course, is a classic:

Probably not a great idea, but DANG it's a tempting idea! By @badparentingmoments

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This is a daily occurrence in our home:

So many surprises in parenting. Wow. Follow @sarcastic_mommy ya dingus!

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There are so many more of these gems but I have work to do and my daughter is going to start wonder why Daddy is laughing so much and what it has to do with her and her brother …

Check out How to Be a Dad for more. It is my new favourite parenting site!

Image credit: Eskimo kissing by Caroline Hernandez

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