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  • 17 years and I miss my father every day

    My father passed away 17 years ago, today (at least based on the Hebrew calendar – he passed away on 12 July 2003). This week we also join our cousins, and aunt in mourning our uncle who passed away last week.

  • 14 years ago

    14 years ago

    My father passed away 14 years ago, on 12 July 2003. After 14 years he is in my thoughts daily. To the extent I’m probably a better father, husband and human being, it’s thanks to him.

  • The heaviest object in the universe and other parenthood moments

    You are not the only one who encounters all those crazy parenthood moments. Here are a few that I have experienced in the last week or two. There are more and they’re hilarious … after the fact.

  • Thoughts about my father and fatherhood on his birthday

    Even though I almost always feel like I am falling short of my expectations of what it is to be a good father, perhaps having those expectations is a testament to my father.

  • Twitter says #ThankYouDad

    Twitter celebrated Father’s Day with a fun series of tweets and the hashtag, #ThankYouDad. I love this stuff and had to share two tweets I enjoyed.

  • “I just don’t want to make your day worse, Dad”

    My daughter sobbed that she didn’t want to make my day worse by not listening to me when I told her and her brother to get ready for bed. She reminded me about what is really important.

  • My wake-up call to play more with our kids

    One of my friends gave me a long overdue wake-up call to play more with our kids recently. I was at a local park with our kids, along with my friend and his boys.