How much you are like your parents

Something about that realisation that you are like your parents and it feels pretty good.

Being a parent gives you superpowers

You know how we tell our kids that we have superpowers like being able to see them doing crazy stuff through walls? Well, sometimes those aren’t myths.

The heaviest object in the universe and other parenthood moments

You are not the only one who encounters all those crazy parenthood moments. Here are a few that I have experienced in the last week or two. There are more and they’re hilarious … after the fact.

From the day you were born – a message to our son

Our son’s teacher asked us to write a message to our son as part of a class assignment. I waxed lyrical and thought I’d share what I wrote.

My letter to my Mom thanking her for what she did for me

I was invited to write a letter to my Mom for Michal’s blog, AllThingsMomSydney. It was an opportunity to tell my Mom how much I appreciate what she did for me as a young parent still figuring it all out.

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