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  • Imagine if Israel’s government was sincere about democracy

    Imagine if Israel’s government was sincere about democracy

    Imagine for a moment an alternate reality where the current Israel government under Benjamin Netanyahu is sincere in its stated desire to bolster democracy in Israel? What could they do with the pretty substantial majority they received in our recent elections?

  • How to respond to batsh*t crazy political environments

    How to respond to batsh*t crazy political environments

    I have been struggling with how to respond to/handle/cope with the current batsh*t crazy political environment in Israel. Particularly the so-called “Judicial Reform” legislation that our current government is pushing forward at a rapid pace. I asked ChatGPT how it suggests a Stoic would respond to this. It seemed to offer pretty sensible advice.

  • 17 years

    Today my wife and I celebrate 17 years of marriage. Our marriage is almost an adult! Is that when we should feel like adults? 🤔

  • Sufganiot


    It’s almost that time of the year in Israel: Chanukah. Besides being my favourite festival on the Jewish calendar, it is also the festival of some pretty outrageous donut variants called sufganiot. This is kinda like the Israeli version of Christmas lights and songs materialising in the months before Christmas. Well, we have some of…

  • The Sock Pocket Universe

    The Sock Pocket Universe

    I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a Sock Pocket Universe that is generated by our aging tumble dryer. No matter whether paired socks enter the dryer, there is always a sock missing. The drum is sealed, so the only logical conclusion is that the motion of the dryer generates a rift in spacetime,…

  • Thoughts about concern about the long-term effects of the vaccine

    We had dinner with (vaccinated) friends recently. We moved on to the topic of #vaccination (as one does), and they commented that while the value of the #COVID19vaccines is pretty clear at this point, they can understand that many people are hesitant to be vaccinated because they are concerned about the long-term effects of the…

  • Receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

    Receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

    As you may have seen in the media, Israel has been vaccinating citizens with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Because I’m diabetic, and over 40, I qualify for earlier access to the vaccine. I was finally able to make my appointments for the two doses. Photo by CDC on Unsplash

  • My first half marathon

    My first half marathon

    I ran my first half marathon this morning as part of my Garmin 10k coaching plan. I had to leave really early to give myself time to complete what turned out to be a 22km route around my city. I felt pretty good for the first two thirds of the run, and started to feel…