A hand-made poster hung on a family's balcony that translates from Hebrew as "Nation of Israel lives"

We don’t care

I read a post on the Times of Israel Blogs titled Dear world: I don’t care that expresses what I, and so many other Israelis, think about the mounting hypocritical, hateful, and inaccurate criticism of Israel’s attempts to defeat Hamas, and return to us a measure of peace and security in our homes.

I don’t care that you’ve rallied for Palestine as part of your march for LGBTQ rights, trans rights, workers rights, socialism, climate change, intersectionality, Black Lives Matter, fighting Islamaphobia and ‘all forms of racism.’

Your gullibility would be laughable if it wasn’t so hypocritical. None of those things exist under Hamas.

I don’t care that you ‘love Jewish people – just hate Israel’, that you have some friends that are Jewish, that maybe you’re ethnically Jewish yourself – and therefore you’re entitled to levy every libel in the playbook against us.

Words matter. They lead to actions. When a lie is repeated often enough it’s accepted as truth. You are laying the groundwork for more attacks against us.

I don’t care that you wave the flag of ‘human rights’, that you’ve become overnight experts in international law, that you shout fancy slogans you don’t understand such as proportionality, occupation and apartheid.

Your humanity is selective. In your mind, human rights don’t apply to us because we are undeserving. You didn’t speak up when our women and children were horribly assaulted.

I don’t care if you think we are colonialists, imperialists and settlers and that we should just go back to where we came from.

We are back to where we came from.

Dear world: I don’t care | Avi Lewis | The Blogs

This war is emotionally draining because we saw our fellow Israelis butchered and kidnapped. To add to this, we have watched Jews being attacked and harassed because they are Jews while thousands protest against Israel’s supposed “genocide”, “occupation” or whatever other descriptions these groups come up with despite our numerous attempts to share the truth of what is actually going on in Gaza.

I am willing to discuss what is going on, and to share my perspective. This war doesn’t just affect Israelis. It affects Palestinian civilians too, no doubt.

At the same time, this is a war for our survival as a nation (that deserves to exist), and as a people (without Israel, Jews will continue to be persecuted and exterminated in the future).

If you support Hamas, refuse to acknowledge our right to exist and to defend ourselves, spout such hateful and false accusations against us, and incite violence against us, then I don’t have time for you. Whatever you are pushing, I’m not interested.


What do you think?

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