My idea of a good time: coding on a Linux computer

Lately my idea of fun has been firmly rooted in coding, and playing around with Linux.

The heaviest object in the universe and other parenthood moments

You are not the only one who encounters all those crazy parenthood moments. Here are a few that I have experienced in the last week or two. There are more and they’re hilarious … after the fact.

Alanis Morissette performs fun, updated “Ironic” lyrics

Alanis Morissette teamed up with James Corden to perform a fun, updated version of her classic track “Ironic” and it is awesome!

A gentle bedtime story from Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner reads a new bedtime classic in a gentle, but firm style that many parents will appreciate. It’s a wonderful book for 21st century parents, not prudes.

A simple trick for more shocking headlines

Something for all those writers looking for tips to create more engaging and, sometimes, shocking headlines.

My wake-up call to play more with our kids

One of my friends gave me a long overdue wake-up call to play more with our kids recently. I was at a local park with our kids, along with my friend and his boys.

Gravitational Waves are now following you

Love this one from xkcd

A Dachshund blizzard to start your day

I’m a big fan of Dachshunds so this video of a lot of very excited Dachshunds was a great start to my day

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