This site is now powered by Squarespace

Update: The site subsequently returned to WordPress. 🙂

After an aborted attempt to migrate this site from its WordPress home of many years over the weekend, I completed the migration to Squarespace yesterday. I really like Squarespace as a platform and while WordPress worked just fine for years I felt it was time for a change and to consolidate my various blogs. My plan now is to post the stuff I would otherwise have posted to my Tumblr blog to this site too and to use this site as my canonical hub on the Web down the line.

I noticed that while the site looks awesome in Chrome, Firefox doesn’t seem to like the theme or stylesheets all that much. Here is what the site looks like in Chrome:

Paul Jacobson's Hub - Chrome screenshot

And this is what it looks like in Firefox 9 beta:

Paul Jacobson's Hub - Firefox 9 screenshot

The new site feels a lot snappier to me and its apparently incredibly difficult to bring a Squarespace site down so this site should be a lot more stable and responsive than its previous version.



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