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  • Facebook-fed blog someday?

    Chris’ reference to a means of linking his site to Facebook touches on something I thinking about this morning. Even though you can export your Facebook data into what seems like a nicely presented, local site of sorts, I’d like to be able to basically parse my Facebook timeline, and somehow migrate it to a […]

  • Why we should return to personal websites (Reason 1220)

    I enjoyed “We Should Replace Facebook With Personal Websites“. It speaks to what I’m partially aiming for with this blog. My original sin wasn’t making a Facebook account, it was abandoning my own website that I controlled (the original site was hosted on Tripod, but if I had to do it all over again, I’d […]

  • AltPlatform and a conversation about the Open Web

    AltPlatform is a new conversation about the Open Web

    I’ve been a big believer in the Open Web for some time and I was pretty excited to discover that Richard MacManus and a few other writers have launched AltPlatform.org, a non-profit publication focused on the Open Web.

  • 6 December is my Social Anniversaries Day

    A cake for anniversaries

    Today is a day of social anniversaries. It is the 10th anniversary of me joining Facebook and, more significantly, the 12th anniversary of this blog.

  • The Web is still important for writing

    I have this recurring thought that the Web is a wonderful platform for writing and publishing. I love writing for the Web and think there is so much more I could do with it, given the right opportunities.

  • Are blog-centric status updates feasible yet?

    Just thinking about the story on The Guardian about protecting the open Web that I linked to earlier, I’m curious what a blog-centric status update model would look like? I have a couple IndieWeb plugins installed on this blog which bring actions like Twitter likes, retweets and (theoretically) Facebook likes and comments back here. I […]

  • Should professional websites have blogs?

    My primary business is my digital risk consulting business and its website has a blog along with static pages about me, my services as related themes. I have maintained a blog on my professional sites for about 9 years, it just seemed like the right way to set up a professional site. Lately, though, I’ve […]

  • Blog migration, destruction and recovery in 873 easy steps

    This is a story of momentary triumph, devastation and recovery. It was a collaborative effort but the real hero is Nathan Jeffery who you can read more about at the end of this post (so please keep reading). I had two sites a few days ago which I decided to merge into one. The one […]