Oh Firefox, You Little Resource Hog

I love using Firefox as my primary browser. I prefer using it for a variety of reasons. Lately, though, I’ve noticed that it’s become a bit of a resource hog, and I can’t work out why?

Still keen to try a #Chromebook? @Dell has a nice one.

I’m pretty keen to try a Chromebook and see how much of what I need to do at work can be done with just one of these. This Dell Chromebook looks pretty compelling, if I was going to buy one … Here is an intro from the product announcement: Dell today announced the continued expansion […]

Facebook is not friends with Chrome

Jeez, why does Google Chrome always have a hernia when uploading more than 20 or 30 photos to Facebook? Something about that process radically slows the browser window down to the point where it freezes.

Weird rendering issues in Firefox on my @squarespace site

I noticed some off rendering issues in Facebook when I view this site in Firefox (pretty much the last few versions), compared to Chrome. This is what this site looks like in Chrome: This is what the site looks like in Firefox (I’m running the stable version 11): I notice 2 issues in Firefox’s rendering. […]

Massive memory usage in Chrome isn't a bug, its a feature

I took a look at Chrome’s memory usage a few minutes ago. I switched back to Chrome last week or so after using Firefox for a while as my default. I didn’t have a particularly compelling reason to switch to Chrome from Firefox. I just loaded Chrome and it looked a little cleaner than Firefox […]

It was in space, man

I love this ad. In fact these Chromebook ads are all pretty funny:

This site is now powered by Squarespace

Update: The site subsequently returned to WordPress. 🙂 After an aborted attempt to migrate this site from its WordPress home of many years over the weekend, I completed the migration to Squarespace yesterday. I really like Squarespace as a platform and while WordPress worked just fine for years I felt it was time for a […]

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