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  • The Chrome browser inspector has a very cool feature

    The Chrome browser inspector has a very cool feature

    I primarily use Firefox Developer Edition as my day to day browser. I use the excellent Firefox page inspector several times a day to troubleshoot issues for our customers, and write CSS for a variety of tweaks on sites that I use. As much as I enjoy using the Firefox browser inspector, I noticed a…

  • Oh Firefox, You Little Resource Hog

    I love using Firefox as my primary browser. I prefer using it for a variety of reasons. Lately, though, I’ve noticed that it’s become a bit of a resource hog, and I can’t work out why?

  • Still keen to try a #Chromebook? @Dell has a nice one.

    Still keen to try a #Chromebook? @Dell has a nice one.

    I’m pretty keen to try a Chromebook and see how much of what I need to do at work can be done with just one of these. This Dell Chromebook looks pretty compelling, if I was going to buy one … Here is an intro from the product announcement: Dell today announced the continued expansion…

  • Facebook is not friends with Chrome

    Jeez, why does Google Chrome always have a hernia when uploading more than 20 or 30 photos to Facebook? Something about that process radically slows the browser window down to the point where it freezes.

  • Weird rendering issues in Firefox on my @squarespace site

    I noticed some off rendering issues in Facebook when I view this site in Firefox (pretty much the last few versions), compared to Chrome. This is what this site looks like in Chrome: This is what the site looks like in Firefox (I’m running the stable version 11): I notice 2 issues in Firefox’s rendering.…

  • Massive memory usage in Chrome isn't a bug, its a feature

    I took a look at Chrome’s memory usage a few minutes ago. I switched back to Chrome last week or so after using Firefox for a while as my default. I didn’t have a particularly compelling reason to switch to Chrome from Firefox. I just loaded Chrome and it looked a little cleaner than Firefox…

  • It was in space, man

    I love this ad. In fact these Chromebook ads are all pretty funny:

  • This site is now powered by Squarespace

    Update: The site subsequently returned to WordPress. 🙂 After an aborted attempt to migrate this site from its WordPress home of many years over the weekend, I completed the migration to Squarespace yesterday. I really like Squarespace as a platform and while WordPress worked just fine for years I felt it was time for a…