Category: Telecoms

  • ANC SMS spam ahead of elections

    The Democratic Alliance was heavily criticized in the last day or two because of it’s massive SMS election campaign. I didn’t receive the most recent SMS the DA sent out (which makes me wonder about it’s database) but I did receive this gem below from the ANC instead. As you might have guessed, it is […]

  • Gmail phone option made its way into my Gmail account

    Google announced a new VOIP product which it has integrated into Gmail. It takes the existing voice capability for Google Talk even further and makes Gmail a Skype competitor. This new functionality is really exciting but it was only supposed to be rolling out to US customers: We’re rolling out this feature to U.S. based […]

  • Still have dodgy ADSL – are your line tests like mine?

    I still seem to have a dodgy connection to the Internet days after Seacom repaired its line. Gian Visser told me that there are associated issues on Internet Solutions’ side which are being ironed out and which may contribute to any problems I am still experiencing. My line is supposed to be a 4MB/sec line […]

  • When fast Afrihost ADSL slows to a crawl

    I’ve noticed some pretty slow DSL speeds on my Afrihost 50GB line lately. I haven’t made the move across to an uncapped line yet for two reasons. The first is that it may work out better for us to stick with the capped line because it allows for 5 concurrent connections. This means I can […]

  • Mobile 2010 – the year your mobile experience changed radically

    I probably should have started this post a few months ago when I attended Brandsh’s Mobile World Congress feedback session in Sandton. The next best time to get this post done was around the time I flew to Cape Town to hear more about Nokia’s Ovi Maps and its recently announced free maps and navigation […]

  • A little perspective on MWEB's seemingly cheap ADSL offering

    News just broke about MWEB’s new pricing for its ADSL offerings including a remarkable R219 for uncapped ADSL (for a 384 kbps ADSL line). Businesses can expect to pay between R499 for 384 kbps DSL and R2 359 for up to 4 Mbps DSL. These prices are a little misleading and they vary depending on […]

  • 1.84MB/sec upload rate is great news for the social Web in SA

    I am working at the airport for a couple hours this morning after dropping a relative off for a flight back home. The traffic heading back to Joburg is hideous so its worthwhile working here for a bit. I just connected to Internet Solutions’ AlwaysOn hotspot at the Mugg & Bean at OR Tambo airport […]

  • G-Connect's holiday special offer

    I received a heads up from G-Connect‘s agency, Emerging Media, about a special offer for the holidays a couple weeks ago. You may know that G-Connect is one of the broadband providers I use although mostly while I am on 3G. I use Afrihost as my main provider because its ADSL is cheap and can […]