Skype or FNB Connect (SIP VoIP)?

We’re testing VoIP options for our office. Both Skype and FNB Connect give us local numbers people can call us on. FNB Connect’s call rates are cheaper than Skype’s although Skype is already pretty entrenched in our office from an IM perspective and we use Skype to chat to clients through Skype to Skype calls. […]

Weird @CounterPath Bria DNS error on WiFi when using FNB Connect

I’ve been exploring VOIP apps for my iPhone and my Mac for a couple days now. We will not use conventional phones in our new offices (we’re moving next Friday). Instead we are adopting VOIP as our preferred telephony option (at the moment we’re going with FNB Connect as our provider). FNB Connect’s iOS app […]

Android ICS natively supports SIP

I’m doing some research on VOIP apps for iOS and Mac OS and I came across this interesting tidbit: Google’s newest mobile operating system version, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, natively supports SIP accounts in the Phone dialer app. That is pretty cool! I have a little more Android envy.

Dial up speeds on @MTNSouthAfrica

I’m at the Design Quarter this morning and the 3G data speeds are pretty lousy this morning. I was getting pretty excited about the speeds I was seeing in Rosebank and Melrose Arch but now I think MTN was just teasing me.

Now this is real bandwidth!

Speedtest 84 Mbs Work Broadband a photo by Irish Typepad on Flickr. This makes my head swim and it also puts any claims that we have competitive connectivity in perspective. Man, I could use bandwidth like this.

ANC SMS spam ahead of elections

The Democratic Alliance was heavily criticized in the last day or two because of it’s massive SMS election campaign. I didn’t receive the most recent SMS the DA sent out (which makes me wonder about it’s database) but I did receive this gem below from the ANC instead. As you might have guessed, it is […]

Gmail phone option made its way into my Gmail account

Google announced a new VOIP product which it has integrated into Gmail. It takes the existing voice capability for Google Talk even further and makes Gmail a Skype competitor. This new functionality is really exciting but it was only supposed to be rolling out to US customers: We’re rolling out this feature to U.S. based […]

Still have dodgy ADSL – are your line tests like mine?

I still seem to have a dodgy connection to the Internet days after Seacom repaired its line. Gian Visser told me that there are associated issues on Internet Solutions’ side which are being ironed out and which may contribute to any problems I am still experiencing. My line is supposed to be a 4MB/sec line […]

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