Frustrated thoughts about broadband and road traffic

I found myself stuck in traffic this morning on my way to a meeting and frustrated with the amount of time wasted on the road and how better and more reliable broadband could be a huge productivity boost. I basically found myself thinking about a similar issue I ranted about a year and a half ago.

This time I thought I’d record my thoughts (I was driving after all):

I debating the merits of shifting some meetings to video calls with the person I was driving to meet and she emphasised the value of getting out and connecting with the person you are meeting with in a physical space. I am all for both but all this driving leads to massive time drains and additional stress. There must be a better balance (or meetings should be scheduled for off-peak times).


  1. Vanessa avatar

    Agreed wholeheartedly. Companies should start thinking about streamlining their processes and consider utilising the technologies available. It would cut down on traffic, time, money and pollution levels, not to mention stress!

  2. Adrian Schofield avatar

    The technology infrastructure is not there yet (unless you have DiData-type resources). 1-on-1 video calls (Skype, Viber, Hangout, etc) are mostly OK but multiple delegates present a challenge. I do regular Skype conference calls across Africa and usually end up typing the conversation…

    1. Paul avatar

      I’ve done a couple Hangouts and they’ve worked pretty well where we’ve had at least 1 MB/sec up and a decent download rate.

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