1.84MB/sec upload rate is great news for the social Web in SA

I am working at the airport for a couple hours this morning after dropping a relative off for a flight back home. The traffic heading back to Joburg is hideous so its worthwhile working here for a bit.

I just connected to Internet Solutions’ AlwaysOn hotspot at the Mugg & Bean at OR Tambo airport and I did a Speedtest like any geek would on connecting to a new hotspot and was pleasantly surprised by the upload speed for a change:

High upload rates are really important for the social Web which often involves more uploading than downloading. Current upload rates on ADSL are frequently miserly and this only stifles social media adoption when users are faced with slow uploads to popular social networks.

I’m going to upload something just to experience the boost in speed before returning to my usual upload trickle.



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  1. Gb xcbxcg avatar
    Gb xcbxcg

    well they probably have a 100meg backbone for internet then…

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