ANC SMS spam ahead of elections

The Democratic Alliance was heavily criticized in the last day or two because of it’s massive SMS election campaign. I didn’t receive the most recent SMS the DA sent out (which makes me wonder about it’s database) but I did receive this gem below from the ANC instead. As you might have guessed, it is unsolicited and has no opt-out mechanism.




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  1. John Clarke avatar

     Did Floyd or Julius send that one? 😛

  2. Fieryneck avatar

    Got the same thing at around the same time, a friend too. I definitely did not sign up for anything. Wonder how many there are of us…

  3. Gerd Naschenweng avatar

     Got the same last night – I am a perm resident and not even allowed to vote so the argument “We got the details from the voters registry” is clearly B.S.

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