Still have dodgy ADSL – are your line tests like mine?

I still seem to have a dodgy connection to the Internet days after Seacom repaired its line. Gian Visser told me that there are associated issues on Internet Solutions’ side which are being ironed out and which may contribute to any problems I am still experiencing. My line is supposed to be a 4MB/sec line on Telkom. I use Afrihost as my service provider.

I’m not sure where the problem is and there is a possibility its my router so I thought I’d post a few test results I got using Speed Test and Ping Test and see if anyone else has similar results on Afrihost:

Ping tests

I switched my router off, left it off for 10 seconds or so and turned it back on. I then ran a ping test this morning on a Johannesburg server:

My second test had improved packet loss but otherwise still a poor result:

This third test uses another testing server in Maputo, similar results:

Speed tests

For my next act I ran a couple line speed tests, starting with a Durban testing server:

And then I tested the same server again:

I tested the Johannesburg server with slightly better results:

So my question is whether these lousy test results are due to issues on the network or whether I should just go replace my router? If anyone can suggest ways to test my router than would also be helpful.


I may have answered my question. Here are two search results I ran in a router diagnostic panel. I have no idea what these results mean so they could be no help at all:

router test 1.png


router test 2.png



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  1. Flavio avatar

    It's been a week I'm fighting with Afrihost about my low download speed and high latency with international websites / servers.

    I'm like to play xbox online and latency is a major issue. However, I use to get 200 – 220 ms to UK which was pretty decent for online games (considering we are thousands of miles away from the old continent).

    Lately my latency jumps as high as 800 ms, and varies a lot. My download speed is 10% of normal local speed. So this is so disappointing. I decided to sign with Axxess ADLS PRO UNSHAPPED which uses SAIX from Telkom. I got my latency back to 220ms and download speed back to normal.

    However this is quite frustrating since the second option is far more expensive and I have to have two ISP accounts…

  2. Niko avatar

    The pics you posted looks very smilar to my router's (Telkom Mega 105WR, or something.) I am also with afrihost and my speeds are really pathetic once my router has been on for 24 hours plus, so I'd recommend restarting your router (switch it off for 10mins+) and see if it's not better. Also, you can try manually setting your DNS server (It really made a difference). Google's NameBench utility is awesome for this.

  3. pauljacobson avatar

    Thanks Niko. It turned out there were port errors or misalignments too. I also realised that continuous backups to the cloud at several GB a day caused a little bit of a slow down.

  4. Car rental South Africa avatar

    I just recently switched to Afrihost from Webafrica, and unfortunately this happened during the whole issue with the seacom cable fiasco. I was also going mad trying to figure out what was going on, because I decided to upgrade to a 4mb line at the same time, and the speeds seemed slower with afrihost on the 4mb line, than with webafrica using a 512k line! Luckily things have gotten better now, but I still seem to be reseting the router at least once every couple of days, while I had never had to do this ever with my old isp.

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