Knowledge sharing … Microsoft style

I came across the Office 2007 channel on Revver and got a kick out of this video which illustrates knowledge sharing really well (even though it is more of an ad for Microsoft’s latest office software): Technorati Tags:sharing, knowledge sharing, video, revver, microsoft office 2007

Look within … your comments, that is

There is a reference to an interview conducted with the CEO of CoComment on Everything is Miscellaneous that includes a discussion about how CoComment enables its corporate clients to delve into the comments posted to their sites to identify the experts and higher profile commentators. They can also identify the more vocal commentators who may […]

A measure of success for social media

The term “Bubble 2.0” comes up quite a bit lately when not too long ago it seemed we had broken the bubble-bust cycle we last saw in the late 1990s. For those who were not conscious of the bubble bursting last time around, it was a heady time when there was a Web site for […]

Social media will be like air

I have just been watching a video podcast episode of Marketing Voices with Jennifer Jones (part of the network) where Jennifer interviews Charlene Li from Forrester Research. Li believes that social media will be so commonplace in the coming years that it will be “like air”. Take a look at the video to find […]

You’ve seen Twitter, now meet Jaiku

This is a repost from Wired Gecko where this post first appeared. Leo Laporte, the podcaster of note over at the TWiT network, has announced that he is leaving Twitter for Jaiku after being responsible, to a large degree, for much of Twitter’s popularity after he discussed Twitter shortly before SXSW a little while ago […]

Get em while they’re hot!

Amatomu has cool looking badges that you can stick on your blog so get them while they’re hot. There is a variety of colours available to match your blog’s theme. So head on over to the Amatomu badge page and pick your badge today … Technorati Tags:amatomu, badge, colours

Enough with the Twitter updates …

Ask a Ninja says enough with the Twitter updates and something about 10 years. I removed the video because the controls weren’t popping up and the auto play was driving me nuts I had to share this with you all after a hectic last few weeks of awards and Twitter chatter. (Source: the prolific Scoble) […]

Do you Twitter?

For those of you who don’t know, Twitter is a web application that is intended to answer a question: What are you doing now?

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