Search for N: and the winners are …

Ok, the Search for N competition has now closed and we are just tallying all the entries have our winners! The response has been phenomenal. Here are some stats about the entries:

  • I received 28 entries at 13:00 (SA time) alone;
  • about 32 entries in the next 60 seconds; and
  • about 12 entries in the next 60 seconds.

I received over 120 entries altogether but it is the first 3 unique and complete winners who count. I say “unique” because it is very much a case of “1 winner, 1 Nokia N97” in this competition.

For those of you who are wondering, the clues and their answers are as follows:

  1. Clue 1: You use this sense to use the amazing new Nokia N97 – Answer: “touch” or “touch screen”
  2. Clue 2: Use these little applications to customise your N97’s home screen – Answer: “widgets”
  3. Clue 3: Without these six you couldn’t read this question … – Answer: “QWERTY”
  4. Clue 4: With this much space onboard, you’d be hard pressed to find enough content to fill your Nokia N97 – Answer: “32GB”
  5. Clue 5: Everything you need for your Nokia N97 is available right here – Answer: “Ovi” or “Ovi Store”


The response to this competition has been amazing. I have been using an N97 the last few days and just returned from the N97 launch event in Dubai and I am even more excited about the device. I can’t talk much about the specifics of the event just yet but I am already incredibly envious of the winners of this amazing phone. I may have received an N97 early to try out but I still have to give it back and you lucky people get to keep it and use it.

We are just collating the entries and checking the answers. We will announce the winners in a couple hours so hold tight and keep checking back here. I will post the winners who entered through this blog in this post later today.

The winners of a Nokia N97 who entered through my blog are the following lucky people:

  • Brendon Govender
  • Saul Kropman
  • Richard Oakley

Congrats to the three of you. I will be in touch shortly!

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