2008 will be the year of …

… something, I am sure.  I don’t like predictions for the new year.  People often think they have a handle on what will strike it big in the new year and they are rarely right.  Industry analysts in particular don’t really have a clue and probably pick predictions from a hat and add a couple new buzzwords in an effort to sound knowledgeable.  Bah humbug!

Here are a couple things I would like to see happen this year.  They aren’t predictions but if I turn out to be right, I told you so.

  • My son will smile at me and he will start to sleep for the 5 or 6 hours (or more!) he sleeps at my mother in law;
  • I’ll start my new part-time gig in just over two weeks and that will prove to be a challenging and life-changing experience for me and my family;
  • This year’s iCommons Summit is in Sapporo, Japan and I look forward to going;
  • I plan to build stronger ties to people in the iCommons/Creative Commons ecosystem (there are some really amazing people working in this space) and become more vocal about the possible uses of Creative Commons licenses in many areas of our culture, not to mention contributing towards a greater awareness of legitimate uses of content subject to copyright;
  • The emphasis of my law practice will change from more run of the mill stuff to a stronger new media advisory role;
  • We’ll see Google Android devices and I will start thinking of things to sell so I can buy one, just before I come back down to Earth and decide to wait a couple months;
  • Neotel will talk more about the stuff it has under wraps while other providers surge ahead and present a decent alternative to Telkom;
  • Did I mention my son will start sleeping longer hours?

There you have it.  The things I’d like to see happening this year.  They might happen, they might not.  This list may also grow and shrink depending on how I feel about things.  Other than all this, I will continue to blog, try out new services, develop my ideas about the Social Web (and whatever else pops up this year) and work harder at building a better life for my family.

(Image: Isaiah’s Lips Anointed with Fire taken from Wikimedia Commons – it is in the public domain)

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