Yahoo! embraces the Semantic Web in a big way

I am not sure if anyone has taken a look at this in much detail (I haven’t), but it looks like a pretty significant step …

Yahoo Embraces The Semantic Web – Expect The Internet To Organize Itself In A Hurry

Stii, any thoughts?

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2 responses to “Yahoo! embraces the Semantic Web in a big way”

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    […] it. Finally, Paul told me, that Yahoo adopted some microformats in a big way! Exciting news! Paul, you asked what I thought and I think it is FANTASTIC! Now it is simply a matter of time. So start adopting and taking this […]

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    […] compared to the raw processing power of a search engine like Google’s search and with new developments in the semantic search space, I wonder how Mahalo will fit into the search […]

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