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  • Awesome Quirk showreel and a little family mention

    Quirk published an awesome showreel video a couple days ago and we watched it for the first time today. Its an inspiring and really well produced video: I got a medium sized thrill at about 0:30 when I saw my brother, Asher, in the video. He is the guy on the right in this scene: […]

  • Missing Link sent me a Broken Bum care package, thank you @presorockgods

    You may have read that I injured myself last week. It turned out that the “bruise” was a little more severe than I thought. The thoughtful folks over at Missing Link sent me a little care package to help speed up my recovery and I just had to say “thanks”! To ensure my injury wasn’t […]

  • Europcar stars

    I had a bad experience with Europcar about 2 years ago when I flew to Cape Town and found I couldn’t hire a car I booked through kulula. The main issue was that the person behind the counter wouldn’t accept my cheque card and wouldn’t do much to assist me (I didn’t use my credit […]

  • Ster Kinekor versus the Twitterati

    The new Ster Kinekor website is an old story already and a lot has been written about its pros and cons. I got back into the story yesterday when someone behind the Ster Kinekor Twitter account engaged with me when I tweeted about my frustration with the site. What followed was some engagement with Ster […]

  • 3 different video chat services, 3 interesting approaches

    I was just watching the recent Facebook video calling announcement and the ad for video calling is at the end of the announcement video. It struck me as a little like the Apple ads so I found ads from Facebook, Apple and Google for their video calling services. Aren’t the different tones interesting? Facebook video […]

  • Standard Bank employee: Listen to me!

    I popped into Standard Bank’s Norwood Mall branch to reset a card’s PIN and was standing behind a clearly anxious woman in the queue. I overheard she needed help with a Marketlink account and was told to wait in the Enquiries queue for help. There were two people in Enquiries helping customers ahead of her […]

  • Social networks: Twitter versus Facebook

    I’ve been thinking about Twitter as a social network a little the last few days. I don’t really see it as a coherent social network and certainly not something which could go toe to toe with Facebook, or could it? I put these two primitive infographics together this evening representing my incomplete thoughts about how […]

  • About that whole "@picknpay sucks" thing

    My wife, Gina, told me about a post Laura-Kim Allmayer posted recently in which she had a good experience with Pick ‘n Pay after a pretty nasty one. I am not exactly a Pick ‘n Pay fan and, to paraphrase Worf in Star Trek Insurrection, I definitely feel “aggressive tendencies” when I shop at our […]