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  • We are registered to vote, are you?

    We just checked our registration at our local polling station for the upcoming local elections. Register if you want to have your say.

  • Vavi and Mantashe speaking at The Gathering

    I am a very bad blogger! I filmed these two speeches at The Gathering almost a month ago and forgot to let everyone know they are available. Well, until now. The Gathering was a terrific experience and The Daily Maverick people did a terrific job putting the event together and securing the speakers who spoke. […]

  • Transparency in government and media freedom

    I watched a video produced by the White House which I found really interesting for a couple reasons. West Wing Week: 8/20/10 or “Turkey Turkey and a Jammer” from The White House on Vimeo. This week, travel with the First Family to Panama City Beach, Florida for a weekend of swimming, mini-golf, and meeting with […]

  • Google threatens to switch off China

    I linked to this post on the Google blog this morning from The Daily Maverick newsletter. It is a very interesting story because of what it reveals about what our world will be like in the months and years ahead. Like many other well-known organizations, we face cyber attacks of varying degrees on a regular […]

  • Light one candle of truth, dispel the darkness

    I just watched a video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech last week at the United Nations’ General Assembly. It is a powerful speech worth watching/reading regardless of whether you agree with him or not. His speech was inspired by a meeting he had about 25 years ago as the Israeli ambassador to the […]

  • Zuma aint no Obama

    Wouldn’t it be something if our leadership spoke like this?  Wouldn’t it be something if our leaders spoke about important issues and principles instead of doing a dance and singing a song? Wouldn’t that be something? Tags: obama, zuma, principled leadership, issues, principles, quality of leadership

  • Sometimes democracy isn’t such a good thing

    If anything the ANC leadership race is a good illustration of where democracy can be more harmful than beneficial.  Take a party with a huge majority in parliament, throw in a leadership race between an incumbent who hasn’t fulfilled his potential and a disgraced challenger who has tremendous popular support and we have a receipe […]

  • South Africa (Proprietary) Limited

    I think it is time to give up the last vestiges of this ideal of a nation based on equality, dignity and respect for human rights.  South Africa is no longer a nation, it is a privately held corporation on a massive scale.  You have to look carefully if you want to catch a glimpse […]