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  • Zuma aint no Obama

    Wouldn’t it be something if our leadership spoke like this?  Wouldn’t it be something if our leaders spoke about important issues and principles instead of doing a dance and singing a song? Wouldn’t that be something? Tags: obama, zuma, principled leadership, issues, principles, quality of leadership

  • Sometimes democracy isn’t such a good thing

    If anything the ANC leadership race is a good illustration of where democracy can be more harmful than beneficial.  Take a party with a huge majority in parliament, throw in a leadership race between an incumbent who hasn’t fulfilled his potential and a disgraced challenger who has tremendous popular support and we have a receipe…

  • South Africa (Proprietary) Limited

    I think it is time to give up the last vestiges of this ideal of a nation based on equality, dignity and respect for human rights.  South Africa is no longer a nation, it is a privately held corporation on a massive scale.  You have to look carefully if you want to catch a glimpse…

  • Mondli’s Long Click to Freedom

    Move over Madiba, its time for Mondli’s turn in the spotlight: Make games | Share | Play free online games | User Generated Games @ Pictogame Brought to you by The Times (Courtesy of Gregor) Technorati Tags:editor, government, oppression, sunday times, mondli, free mondli, long click to freedom

  • Israel in the media

    I attended a talk given this morning by an Israeli official about the current state of things in Israel (which is depressing on a military/security front) and I overheard a conversation before the talk started which interested me tremendously. A volunteer in the media arm of the host organisation was talking about the challenges she…