Vavi and Mantashe speaking at The Gathering

I am a very bad blogger! I filmed these two speeches at The Gathering almost a month ago and forgot to let everyone know they are available. Well, until now. The Gathering was a terrific experience and The Daily Maverick people did a terrific job putting the event together and securing the speakers who spoke. I am looking forward to the next one!

Anyway, here are the two videos. They are pretty long but worth watching. I found Vavi’s talk to be far more interesting and honest (well, for a politician):

Mantashe spoke like an ANC politician and much of what he said is what we hear pretty much whenever ANC politicians speak. It is still work listening to him speak, though.

By the way, both videos were shot with a Nokia N8 which I have had for review purposes for the last month or so. Vavi’s talk was shot in HD mode and Mantashe in normal mode at about 640 x 480. My very very very overdue review will be out sometime before the sun expands and swallows the Earth.




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